Why Safees?

Safees are pedestrian reflectors that shine brightly when hit by oncoming headlights, warning drivers that someone is in front of them and that they need to slow down and look around.

Most traffic accidents involving pedestrians happen at dusk or dark and in twilight, in fog or rain. The majority of accidents happen at road crossings, and most happen during normal daily activities such as children going to or from school, parents getting back from work or grandparents walking to babysit their grandkids. 



Accidents happen mainly because drivers can not see pedestrians, skaters, scooterists or bicyclist properly. Visibility, even with streetlights, is rarely, if ever, good enough. Drivers can not see everything, no matter how hard they try or how alert they think they are. It is not a questions of good or bad drivers, it is a question of visibility.

A powerful, high quality pedestrian reflector increases visibility and a driver can see a pedestrian wearing a reflector more than 300 and up to 700% percent faster than were the pedestrian not wearing a reflector. The best quality reflectors are hard prism reflectors, like Safees. Safees reflect light better than any other material reflectors.

This means several extra seconds for a car to brake, several extra seconds to swerve. It means several seconds to avoid an accident. It means saving lives.



Who should wear Safees reflectors? Everyone, that's who! We are all at risk in the dark. It doesn't matter if we are young or old, big or small. Without reflectors we all disappear in the dark and we are all at risk.